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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Fort Santiago: Reminiscing the Historic Events since 15th Century

Fort Santiago is the defense fortress of Intramuros, Manila way back 15th century. It is a defense structure made by wood during the time of Rajah Sulaiman before the Spaniards conquered Manila. It was destroyed by conquistadors led by Martin de Goiti in 1570, after that the Spaniards rebuilt this using logs and earth. Chinese Pirates came and makes battles with the Spaniards in year 1574-1575 that makes the fortress destroyed. It was reconstructed in year 1589-1592 using a stone with thickened and high walls including the walls for better defense and serve as main fort for the spice trades to Americas and Europe.
During World War 2, it was served as the main defense fortress of Spaniards against Japanese Soldiers and later it was captured by Japanese. During the battle of Manila in 1945 between American/Filipino soldiers against Japanese, the fort received great damage and later in 1980’s it was restored by Intramuros Administration.

Today Fort Santiago is considered as Philippine important tourist attractions and historical sites preserving the Spaniards era structures that include the prison of Gat Jose Rizal.  
Fort Santiago-Manila, IntromurosImage via Wikipedia
Entrance Gate of Fort Santiago

Fort SantiagoImage by Dexter Panganiban via Flickr
Jose Rizal Final Footsteps 

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