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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Philippine Jeepneys

Philippine Jeepneys are originally leftover of US military Jeeps in World War II. Since then, this car was evolved into bigger, more artistic, and more vibrant colors.

Today local manufacturers sourced the engine and chassis from “surplus” imported from Japan usually Isuzu 4BA1, 4BC2, 4BE1 series diesel engines or Mitsubishi 4D30 diesel engines.  A local manufacturer assembled and fabricates the body in their choice of design and sizes. Some makes simple, some are small, some are big, and some are elegant in design. LGS Motors and Morales in Rizal are famous in their “Patok” Jeepneys which are equipped with high powered sound systems, attractive stickers and airbrush designs, high speed engine, good body design and some are “lowered” in style.

Jeepneys can seat two passengers on front and 12 to 20 passengers at the back depending how it is built. Common practice of payment is by saying the word “bayad” or “bayad po”, saying also how many passengers you are in the group and your destination point. Your payment (bayad) can reach to the driver through hand transfer inside the jeepney.  At the place of your destination typical sayings like “para”, “para po”, ”tabi lang po” or by knocking the roof ceiling board or making whistle to get the drivers attention to make stop. Children are usually free if they are accompanied by adults and keeping them on their lap. Discounts are also applied for students and senior citizens. Typical etiquette is also observed during situations that jeepney is full and there is a woman or old person wants to ride in, the men or boys inside are volunteered to make “sabit” (hanging in metal tubes outside or even sitting on top).

Recent development now is innovating jeepneys making it with airconditions and used of brand new engines because of high consumption of old engines, large greenhouse gas emissions and prone to engine breakdown.

typical design of Philippine Jeepney

I remember my college days riding this "Patok" Jeepney with route via
Rizal and  PUP (Stop & Shop) with my classmates making "Sabit" at the back

actually this one is not allowed in Metro Manila, you will
observe this scenario in some provinces of Philippines

Jeepney made by Morales

Jeepney made by LGS Motors

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