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Monday, August 1, 2011

Callao Man, The Oldest Man Migrate in Philippines 67,000 Years Ago

The discovery of human fossil by groups of archaeologist led by Dr. Armand Mijares of University of the Philippines may change the history and science. It is thought before that Tabon man found in Tabon Cave of Palawan was the oldest man live in Philippines by about 50,000 years ago. After the discovery of Mijares group, they found out that this human fossil called Callao Man is much older than Tabon man which is about 67,000 years old after  using uranium-series dating.

The single bone was the third metatarsal of the foot similar to the Aetas, the modern Negrito of Northern Luzon, but not sure if the bone is for male or female. There is also bones from butchered animals found in the same layer of sediment but no stone tools found. This suggest that Callao man are using organic tools such as bamboo. There is also theory that Callao man is different species  from Homo sapiens or modern man

Dr. Mijares continues to expand the research in Peñablanca cave and other caves in Cagayan where they found the human fossil hoping to find more remains of Callao man relics and artifacts. 

the foot bone 61mm long found by group of Dr. Armand Mijares in Callao cave
inside the cave (with Dr. Mijares) where the human fossil found 

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