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Friday, August 12, 2011

The Philippine Hawk Eagle

The Philippine Hawk Eagle (Nisaetus philippensis with earlier name as Spizaetus philippensis) belongs to a species of bird of prey in the Accipitridae family same as Philippine Eagle. This hawk eagle is endemic to Philippines and lives in subtropical or tropical moist lowland forest which is now considered bu IUCN as vulnerable due to loss of habitat and hunting.

The size of hawk eagle is about 65-70 cm with long crest of four to five feathers, up to 7 cm long, protruding from its crown. The plumage on the upper parts is dark brown, and the dark brown tail is striped with four to five darker, narrow bands. The head and underparts are reddish-brown with black streaking, and the throat is whitish. The wings are broad and rounded and barred flight feathers can be seen in flight. 

An estimated of  1000 to 2500 hawk eagle were remained in the whole Philippine archipelago and the trend is decreasing. Conservation measures are being implemented numerous protected areas, including Mts Isarog and Makiling National Parks, the Northern Sierra Madre Natural Park and Bataan Natural Park/Subic Bay on Luzon, Mt Canlaon on Negros, and Mt Kitanglad and Mt Apo Natural Parks and Mt Malindang on Mindanao, and Rajah Sikatuna National Park on Bohol and recently on Mount Irid-Angilo-Binuang of the Southern Sierra Madre in Luzon. 
Philippine hawk eagle (Nisaetus philippensis)
Philippine hawk eagle (Nisaetus philippensis) at Malagos Garden Resort
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Height of Philippine Hawk Eagle
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Philippine Hawk Eagle with wings open
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Philippine hawk eagle after bath
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Philippine Hawk Eagle
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Philippine hawk eagle at closer look
Philippine hawk eagle on flying 

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