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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Boracay: Worlds Best Beach in the World

Boracay is a small island located in North of Panay which is  separated by a narrow straight. The island is part of Western Visayas which is about 315km from Manila. Boracay is famous on its beaches with fine white sand especially mentioned for White Beach. 

Going to Boracay island by air could be Manila Airport  to Caticlan Airport or Manila to Kalibo but you need to ride a ferry boat going to Boracay Island from this local airport.

The main attraction of Boracay  is the four kilometer long White Beach ideal for swimming, sunbathing in which  different resorts, hotels and resorts are located. On the other side of the Boracay island is the Bulabog beach which is very good for wind surfing and kite surfing. Other leisure activities are scuba diving, snorkeling cliffdiving and sailing by boat.

The North ShoreImage by Storm Crypt via Flickr

White Beach in BoracayImage via Wikipedia

Boracay Island in Malay, Aklan.                                                             Image via Wikipedia

Typical Boracay beach scene at dusk.                                                               Image via Wikipedia

Boracay's White Beach, at Boat Station 2.Image via Wikipedia

Boracay CoastImage by Elmar Bajora via Flickr

A sailing paraw. Sunset sailing is a popular l...Image via Wikipedia
Takipsilim (Boracay Island, Aklan)Image by ~MVI~ (is hunting for pansit in Hyderabad) via Flickr

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