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Friday, July 1, 2011

Visayan Warty Pig: Critically Endangered Species of Pig

The Visayan Warty Pig, with scientific name Sus Cebifrons is endemic to Central Visayas in Panay, Negros, Cebu and Aklan. It is believed that this species is already extinct in Cebu Province. Now it is considered as critically endangered species due to forest destruction cause of mining , illegal logging and "Kaingin" system. Another cause is due to hunting from native people in Central Visayas.

The boar is best described by the three pair of fleshy "wart" or bumps in the visage of the boar that is believe to serve as protection against the tusks against the rival pig during fights. The boars also have stiff spiky hair that makes them looks like a spiky mohawks.

They are commonly found in a group of four to five. Their diet include cultivated vegetables, rootcrops and fallen fruits.

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Adult Visayan Warty Pig

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Stiff Spiky Hair
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Visayan warty pig piglet at the Brevard Zoo.Image via Wikipedia

Visayan warty pigsImage by Mike Souza via Flickr

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