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Friday, July 22, 2011

Have you tried to eat Balut or Penoy?

Balut and Penoy are typical street foods you will observed at dawn till midnight. Vendors of this Filipino food are usually seen on the sidewalks, bus stops, road corners, and plaza waiting for their customers. Some did'nt stay in one place but take their basket with them and start offering this food in the street. Its familiar in Philippines to heard shouting outside of your home this words "Baluuuuut!!!"....."Penooooy"!!!. 

Balut and Penoy are fertilized duck embryo that is boiled for half an hour and eaten with a little of salt and vinegar as a snack. Some eats also with rice, and some makes it as "pulutan" with beer or alcoholic drinks. Balut are incubated duck embryo for about 16-18 days while Penoy are dead embro. Balut are thought to be an aphrodisiac, maybe because of its high protein content, calories and good source of vitamins and minerals. Its common to hear this word "balut pampalakas ng tuhod", meaning your knees will become strong after you at balut. 

Balut is also a common food in Southeast Asia. It is called "Kai" in Laos, "Khai khao" in Tailand, "Pong tea khon" in Cambodia, "trung vit lon or hot vit lon" in Vietnam. Although the looks of Balut is not acceptable to some people but the taste is truly delicious. That's why some are eating this delicacy at night without too much light so that they will not see the embryo of duck.

Image Source
Balut and Penoy with Itlog ng Pugo for sale in the sidewalk
Balut and Penoy
Balut is the greatest food ever.Image via Wikipedia
An opened Balut

BalutImage by kin0be via Flickr
Penoy on the left (w/ mark) and Balut on the right
Raul Arellano eating Balut. Read my review/exp...Image via Wikipedia
How to eat Balut with your hand
15 Day balut egg boiled for 15 minutes, ready ...Image via Wikipedia
Balut in Vinegar Sauce
Image Source
Fried Balut
Image Source
Yummy Balut
Image Source
Grilled Balut and Penoy
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Best combination - Beer with Balut

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