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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Playa Calatagan: A Beautiful Place to Relieve Stress

Playa Calatagan is the first seaside exclusive residences in the Philippines. Located in the southern limit of Calatagan Batangas, it offers residential lots in a 92 hectares residential resorts. Future hotels, retail stores, restaurants and commercial area will be constructed which aims a landmark for the province of Calatagan.

The lot sizes are available from 250 to 500 square meters with price starting from 6,700.00 pesos. Asian Tropical theme will be implemented for the architectural design of the units for consistent look. 

Features and  amenities includes a hilltop clubhouse with 180 degree view of the whole property and South China Sea, a beach clubhouse with 800 square meter river pool, 3 parks located in the different places of the village and the white beach resort. The leisure tourism state will be open to public for its beach resort, hotels, retail shops, restaurants, and other entertainment activities.
Within 2 to 3 hour travel in Manila, Playa Calatagan will be good place to have a vacation house or even a retirement house.

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