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Monday, July 18, 2011

Different Tastes of Longganisa in Philippines

The longganisa is one of the favorite dish by Filipinos especially during breakfast served with hot fried rice and egg. Longganisa has different kinds and flavors depending on where provinces it came from. Lucban and Vigan is known for its garlic taste(derecado type), Guagua is salty and sour in taste, in Cebu are extra weet taste(hamonado type). In Philippines, longganisa can be made of pork, chicken, beef, or even seafoods like tuna.

Basic ingredients includes, ground meat, sugar, salt, black pepper, vinegar and garlic. The extent of taste will depend to the quantity of spices you want to show up. Some extra ingredients can be optionally added such as chili powder, dried oregano, soy sauce and MSG. Longganisa can be made with skin or skinless type. Longganisa is typically cooked with boiling small amount of water together and allowing water to evaporized then cooking further with its own fat until it caramelized. A tip to avoid crumbling is to put it in a freezer for a while before cooking.

Actually longganisa is not a native dish in Philippines, it is originated in Spain popularly known as longaniza. It is also popular in Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, and Uruguay but the taste, size and style have each variations.

Here are the different style of servings for "longsilog", a combination of longganisa, sinangag at itlog (longaniza, fried rice and fried egg):

Longganisa in all PlacesImage by AilenP via Flickr

Lucban foodImage by roxj via Flickr

LongsilogImage by gtrwndr87 via Flickr
Longsilog  (Longganisa-Sinangag-Itlog)
Longaniza-Fried Rice-Fried Egg

tselogs longsilogImage by scaredy_kat via Flickr
Longsilog with sliced tomato

LongsilogImage by arnold | inuyaki via Flickr

longsilogImage by miggy357 via Flickr

LONGSiLOGImage by aJ GAZMEN ツ GucciBeaR via Flickr

LongsilogImage by bnycastro via Flickr
Longsilog from Jollibee Fast Food
Longsilog #foodspotting #breakfastImage by bnycastro via Flickr

Longsilog, Umi NomImage by gsz via Flickr
Sliced Longganisa with fried rice and egg
Longsilog from the WOW Silog Truck at Off the ...Image by Gary Soup via Flickr

LongsilogImage by cbcastro via Flickr

09.29.07 LONG-Si-LOG, SUPER SARAP =dImage by aJ GAZMEN ツ GucciBeaR via Flickr
Longsilog with style

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