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Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Feast of Black Nazarane

The Feast of Black Nazarene is celebrated every January 9 yearly in Quiapo Church, Manila. The Black Nazarene, a patron saint of Quiapo Church, is a life size image of Jesus Christ carrying a cross. The statue was brought to Philippines by Augustinian Recollect Missionaries on year 1606 and first enshrined in Recollect Church in Bagumbayan (Rizal Park). In 1608, the statue was transferred to in Recollect church of San Nicolas de Tolentino in Intramuros. In 1787, the Archbishop of Manila ordered to transfer the Black Nazarene in Quipo Church. 

The feast of Black Nazarene is celebrated by millions of devotees participating in the procession in commemorates to Translacion, the transfer of the statue to Quiapo Church. The devotees wear color maroon and walk barefoot as symbol of humility. The image of Black Nazarene is held in carriage, then the devotees are pulling this rope as "namamasan" and yelling the word "Viva Senor". Devotees are trying also to touch the statue for hopes of miracle while some are throwing handkerchief or towel to the marshals guarding the statue to wipe it hoping for miraculous powers. The procession starts after the mass followed by the opening of  the doors of Quiapo church and the statue of Black Nazarene are within sight.

The image of Black Nazarene

procession during feast of Black Nazarene

view of procession of Black Nazarene from top

millions of devotees go to Quiapo Church to celebrate feast of Black Nazarene

Devotees are throwing towels to the guards asking to wipe it on Black Nazarene

Guards of Black Nazarene catching  towels from devotees

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